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"I’ve been using MaoRadiance products for just over a year now and it has worked wonders on my combination skin. Previously I struggled with dry / oily skin regularly dealing with breakouts. Now that my skin is moisturized (and retaining that moisture throughout the day), breakouts are rare, and I can focus on the things that are really important to me in my mid 30’s - minimizing signs of aging, and correcting discoloration from acne. Honestly, all of the products are my go to products, but if I run out of the Pore Defying Toner I immediately notice more breakouts. I love layering the serums - particularly the AHA & BHA Exfoliating Serum with the Retinol Repair Oil which smells amazing and feels like a treat. In the winter months I follow this up with a cream - the Brightening Cream being my go to, and the Moisturizing Face Cream as my heavy hitter in the colder months. I have no interest or need to shop around because I know this brand makes solid products that make my skin look and feel amazing."



"The vitamin C serum has been my savior for the last year! Mid pandemic I was on the hunt for a new skincare routine to help with my skin, and was so thrilled to find Maoradiance! I was even more excited to find out her Vitamin C serum contained a higher concentration of Vitamin C compared to other lines I’ve previously tried. I started to incorporate it into my morning routine- first I wash with a gentle cleanser, then apply the serum and let it soak in for a few minutes before applying moisturizer. Super simple. I started noticing improvements in that first week! My skin feels so smooth, soft, and looks so much brighter. Couldn’t be happier!"



"I am SO GLAD that I have found Mao Radiance!  At age 41, my skin has been showing signs of brown spots, large pores, and loss of any brightness and bounce. I also had many areas on my face that had redness and uneven skin tone, such as on my forehead and my cheeks. I didn’t want to go pay for expensive laser treatments, but I thought that was my only option. I started using Mao Radiance. After a few weeks I noticed a tightness and bounce to my skin. There was a huge difference to the blotchiness of my skin and the red spots. The youthful glow that I missed was returning. I work in a hospital and have to wear surgical or N-95 masks all day long. We have a term called “mask face” with all the irritations and acne caused by masking. Since I have been using MaoRadiance, that has diminished too. The changes I've noticed to my face are simply amazing! Give it a try! You won’t be sorry."


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